Our Workshop

Welcome to our Manufacturing Workshop.

Amritsar ivory Works is the oldest and largest manufacturing unit of wooden chess equipments in India. The company starts from the very lower level and now the finest manufacturing units where we manufacture Chess Pieces, Chess boards, Chess tables, travel chess sets, theme chess sets, peg chess sets, artistic chess sets, chess boxes and many other products in different sizes and in Various wood combination.

We have put many images for our customers to see that completing one chess set has to go through from many different processing .We have to convert wooden log into the beautiful and the Finest chess set of the World .As you can see in the pictures we have the largest stock of dry wooden logs of Boxwood ,Golden Rosewood ,Rosewood ,Ebony , Horn Beam ,African Padauk etc in this chess Industry which we purchase directly from the Forest department and other govt departments . We always maintain our stocks and also we only buy the dead trees and best grain wood.

We have all machinery inside of our units to meet any size of orders and we manufacture each and everything Inside of our Units and we have the skilled workers to make any kind of difficult design which me be not possible for any other in this industry .The Chess Empire or Amritsar Ivory Works has always tried to create the most unique chess sets of the World.

We have more than 70 workers working in our all units and we have also given them free accommodation. Some of the workers are working in our workshop since 30 years without any failure and we are proud to introduce you the beautiful and finest workmanship which is only available with us.

We welcome you to visit our Workshop and if you have any question please do not hesitate to ask us info@thechessempire.com