Exclusive Chess Tables

The Amritsar Ivory Works is the Finest and oldest running Chess Manufacturing Company on the Earth since 1962 in Chess Industry. Our research over almost past 60 years in chess industry has lead us to the constant perfection in designing, craftsmanship, best quality with great reputation chess manufacturing company worldwide. We introduce you the Luxury chess tables with assurance of excellence hand craftsmanship of the world. These luxurious hand crafted chess tables are rare piece of art and we have create this new category of the chess tables for all the chess lovers to own the master piece of unique craftsmanship. These wooden exclusive chess tables are made with the special selection choice of exotic grain woods .The authentic designs and exclusive solid wood chess tables are made for chess passionate, chess collectors and chess lovers worldwide. These chess tables are mean for an attitude or the passion of your love towards chess as well it is a glimpse of decoration in your living or drawing room with the eye attraction of master crafted chess tables made with knowledge or experience of decades in chess industry and the legacy of last three generations experience to produce the finest chess equipment. The Endeavour of excellence by the chess empire welcomes and adores the presence of all chess lovers, Chess collectors who now can have an opportunity to explore the exclusively