Bone Crafted Chess Pieces

The Chess Empire introduce you the widest range of Bone crafted Chess pieces in various designs, sizes and color combination .These luxury bone chess sets are crafted very delicately by our master artisans. TCE offers you the finest work and largest selection in this category with many different designs only available with us. We proudly say that we have the largest and rare crafted collection of bone chess set. The collectors and the chess lover can own these beautiful master crafted rare bone chess sets as another addition to their collection. We are also offering Staunton chess sets in the bone chess pieces category and customize any of design in bone craftsmanship. We welcome and adore you to explore the extremely beautiful bone crafted chess piece manufactured with the aim to provide luxury handmade flawless workmanship. These foremost bone chess sets are manufactured in various different designs, sizes and color combination is the rare hand craftsmanship intended to make the beautiful collection for chess lovers globally