The Warriors Field 2.25" Square Maple/Paauk

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The Warriors Field Executive Chess Board is one of the stunning and rare available workmanship create of Amritsar Ivory Works or The Chess Empire.The Fabulous craftsmanship on the chess board has never made before and we are happy to offer you this new innovation.These chess boards are the example of the Handcrafted Luxurious solid Wood Chess boards. Manufactured with the Natural Exotic wood like Maple & Rosewood ,Maple & Ebony, Maple& African Padauk and Maple & Golden Rosewood.These Handmade Chess Boards are Unique and the best in the World.

The Quality of our Chess boards is far superior then the Chess Boards available in the market. These are made out of the best grain and dry wood purchased directly from the Forest department.Straight Grains and Dead Dry woods always being used for the chess board to avoid any flaw.While Manufacturing Chess pieces, Traveling chess sets or Chess Boards Amritsar Ivory Works use the best possible efforts to make the products looks Unique and the best in the World.

Also available in all sizes 2" square ,2.25" square,2.5" square,2.75" square and 3" square.

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