The Tournament Folding Series 2" Square Maple/Sheesham

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The Chess Empire welcomes you to explore the new developed Tournament folding chess board. Manufactured with the aim to provide royal luxury flawless world’s best quality wood chess boards. These heirloom chess boards are made for the chess passionate and chess lovers globally. This is absolutely a new development and we are introducing this handmade luxury wood chess board with the highest standard of workmanship. The Tournament Folding chess board design is one of the unique and rare luxury chess board. Our research over almost past 60 years in chess industry has lead us to the constant perfection in designing, craftsmanship , best quality with great reputation chess manufacturing company worldwide.

The Tournament folding chess board Series solid wood luxury chess board is available in 1.75" square, 2” square,2.25” square and 2.5” square or any customize size with different wood combination with the choice of Green, Black or Red Billiard cloth on the bottom.This is one of the best and unique design of hand crafted luxury wooden chess board. This graceful wooden chess board is available in choice of high glossy and Matt Finish.

The selection of the wood for these luxury chess boards is done with the special care to get the best exotic natural grain wood. The most experience master craftsmen of our factory with a great knowledge of hand craftsmanship and long learning period has given us the opportunity to design richest art of workmanship to produce beautiful solid wood luxury chess boards.

2" Square.
20" x 20".

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