The Parker Burnt 3.75" Boxwood Burnt

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The Chess Empire introduces you new creation of The Parker Burnt 3.75" stunningly carved high glossy chess set with attraction of mesmerizing unique art of hand craftsmanship. Our master craftsmen have spent many hours hard work to create the rare art of chess pieces craftsmanship.

The Endeavor of excellence by the chess empire welcomes and adores the presence of all chess lovers, Chess collectors and the Chess Players who now can have an opportunity to explore the exclusively designed chess products that too.

The Parker Burnt Series 3.75” is one of the best tournament carved chess set creations with absolutely proportionate workmanship from King to Pawn. The carving is absolutely constant on every pieces with the finest glass finish on individual piece done with perfection. We intended to provide you the most marvelous handmade chess pieces with remarkable workmanship.

Each chess piece is hand carved by our master craftsmen and it includes two extra queens with the choice of Green or Red billiard base pads choice.

Total 34 Chess Pieces.

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