The Musician Classic 5.75" Bone Crafted

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The Chess Empire Introduces you beautifully handcrafted The Musician Bone chess set in 5.75" King height. This magnificent splendid craftsmanship represents the traditional of Rajasthan Musician with luxuriously carved bone chess pieces .

The musician chess set is also hand painted in red/green combination with golden lines.The Grace of the complete chess set is unmatched & rare craftsmanship with typical Rajasthan’s classical instruments has been shown with the details.

The craftsmanship on the individual piece is remarkable and never been introduce in the history of chess. The Chess Empire or Amritsar Ivory Works has always proved ability of craftsmanship to the best level.The Musician Decorative chess set is 5.75’’ King with excellence carving done on the pieces and structure of the figures.This chess set is carved in the inherited style used over centuries throughout the subcontinent. The Standard of the carving is matchless and very impressive.

The Musician Decorative chess set is high standard of finish and example of the Indian craftsmanship exceptionally carved and impressive collection.

Total 32 chess Pieces.

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