The Kohinoor Series 5" Boxwood/Ebony

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The Chess Empire introduces its Flagship chess set The Kohinoor Series in 5". Originally designed by the Chess maestro of The Chess Empire with owned Legacy of finest workmanship of the World. The Kohinoor series Luxury chess set is stunning Staunton masterpiece with attraction of Exclusive Royal chess creation.

The Kohinoor Series design is developed with the aim of introducing finest masterpieces ever produced ever. Introducing the finest ever Full carved knight with unique detail on mane,eyes,muscles, nostril and whole body structure to give the glimpse of most beautiful and stunning craftsmanship creature of the world .The king’s finials are remarkable art of workmanship with heirloom designs . Pawn , Rook , Queen crenels and miter cut of Bishop are complimenting each other and having an edge over other chess creations .

Each chess piece is hand carved by our master craftsmen in exotic woods like Boxwood, Ebony and Paduak in combination of finest grains wood used for this luxury chess set. This chess set is designed for some special Chess lovers who just want to have nothing but the BEST collection for the Lifetime.

Total 34 Chess Pieces.

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