The Flower Series 4" Black /Natural Bone

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The Chess Empire Introduce you the beautiful and excellence workmanship on Flower Series 4” Bone crafted Chess Pieces. This beautiful heirloom bone chess set is created with pure art of excellence where we have done many research on designing individual chess piece from King to pawn and every single piece is made with the elegance of work & proportionate as per the design.

The Flower series 4" bone chess pieces are made with the flawless perfection and the carving done on every single piece is excellence of craftsmanship. Every single piece is hand crafted with aim to present you very attractive chess pieces. This beautiful bone chess set is one of the best design.The craftsmanship on the individual piece is remarkable with excellent constant smooth carving. The Standard of the herculean carving is matchless, impressive with style of inherited craftsmanship used over centuries throughout the subcontinent.

The uniqueness of our self created designs and magnificent carved bone chess pieces is real edge of fabulous craftsmanship which takes the level of luxury chess pieces very high. Our turners and carvers are dedicated to their work for creating the constant and finest work on every single piece very carefully. The elegance of craftsmanship on every design is beyond the expectation and imagination of anyone.

We welcome and adore you to explore the extremely beautiful chess piece manufactured with the aim to provide royal, luxury and flawless world’s best quality bone chess pieces. These foremost chess pieces are manufactured to make the lifetime collection for chess lovers globally.

Total 32 Chess Pieces.

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