The Cannon Series 3.75 Boxwood & Golden Rosewood

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The Chess Empire Introduce you the new Cannon series 3.75” Hand Carved Chess Pieces .The Legacy of Workmanship is done by the creator of design maestro manufacturer Amritsar Ivory Works. It consume a lot of time to carved each piece Individually by hand without any automatic machinery and the constant same workmanship on all the pieces by hand is very difficult and we always tried to maintain the quality so that all the chess sets comes without any flaw.

The Chess pieces are hand carved by one of the best artisans of the World with the highest quality grains of Woods in Boxwood ,Golden Rosewood ,Rosewood and Black Stained Boxwood.

The Cannon series hand carved chess set is the stunning masterpieces of attraction. The smooth constant carving on every piece makes it more attractive.

This is the best selling hand carved chess sets and flaw less hand carving on every single piece from King to Pawn is marvelous.

This heirloom quality chess sets comes with 32 chessmen .

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