Northern Upright 4" Natural Bone/Black

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The Chess Empire Introduces the new art work The Northern Upright 4" bone chess set .This chess set is re-introduced in bone chess pieces category with owned legacy of finest workmanship.This set represents very famous Norther Upright design made in early 19 th century pattern.It is absolutely the same chess set without any flaw from the original design of Northern Upright.

The Northern Upright bone chess set is 4” King with excellence hand carved workmanship.This chess set is carved in the inherited style used over centuries throughout the subcontinent.

Each chess piece is hand made by our master craftsmen. .The creation and the carving is real art work which you will see on all the master pieces.TCE has made these beautiful chess pieces very attractive and absolutely unmatched workmanship.

Total 32 chess pieces.

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