Battle of Grunwald

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The Chess Empire introduce you the chess pieces of «Battle of Grunwald» created from fine ceramic ware. It’s lined with gold and platinum by one among the leading makers for ceramics paintings from Germany with over one hundred years’ expertise, means those golden and platinum covers are extremely resistant and long. Every chessman is covered with finest engobe-paints that are provided by highest quality paint manufacturer 1919 year-established in USA.

We use very good quality porcelain which doesn’t lose white color through ages and these elegant chess set is one of the new development and rare craftsmanship.Our Artisans has spend hundreds of hours to create this magnificent chess set and The Chess Empire is proud to present you this heirloom chess set.We personally most probably need two months to produce one chess set after the confirmation and we will happy to book your order and supply this beautiful royal chess pieces.

So making those luxurious quality materials along with masterful work and distinctive style does this ceramic chess terribly brilliant and perfect luxurious chess set for Chess Collectors,Chess lovers.

The owners of our ceramic chess items are Russian Former-president Dmitri Medvedev, grand master Gary Kasparov, Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenka, Hollywood renowned actor Chuck Norris and alternative worldwide famous stars.

The main options of these ceramic ware chess created by sculpture Leonid Golovko is that each one the characters and figures existing or were existing within the past. That means that if you look on the chess board you may see not just the illustration and reconstruction of the battle, however you will see real figures. The author I working on every chess piece very intensively to make it as close to reality as possible.The Chess pieces comes along with the chess board.

Material: Porcelain.

Covered with: gold, platinum, glaze, chrome-plated spraying.

King's height: 7.75 inches.

32 pieces. Average weight of the whole chess collection 6 kg.

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