Barleycorn - 4'' Black/Natural

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The Chess Empire Introduces the Barleycorn Bone crafted chess set in 4" .The beautiful bone chess set is carved with no variation and our constant best quality chess sets with the finest workmanship on every single piece is our aim to produce for chess lovers globally.

The craftsmanship on the individual piece is remarkable with excellent constant smooth carving done on the pieces. The Standard of the carving is matchless, impressive with style of the traditional Hindu Indian art and it is carved with inherited style used over centuries throughout the subcontinent.A typical set provides an excellent example of style and quality achieved by The Chess Empire.
Each chess piece is hand carved by our master craftsmen.

The Barleycorn bone chess set is one of the best selling chess set with the traditionally looks of collector bone chess set. We are proudly introducing you the luxury bone chess set with perfect proportionate craftsmanship. These delicate chess pieces are manufactured for the chess lover who only wants the best collection of lifetime

These beautiful carved chess pieces in natural bone & black stained bone are made with the aim to create the rare art work on chess pieces and we proudly introduce you these unique and the best carved chess sets in various designs. Using small tools to carve rare design with the constant workmanship is our goal and we assure for the finest carving on the chess pieces.

Total 32 Chess pieces.

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