Anderssen drop jaw 3.5" 1860-1865 Antiqued Boxwood/Ebony

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The Chess Empire long experience of almost 60 years in chess manufacturing industry. The reputation of our company has become worldwide to produce the best quality chess equipment. This long experience and knowledge has always help to produce the best quality chess sets.

The Chess Empire or Amritsar Ivory Works is the only company who is authorized by the Jaques of London to reproduce their chess sets. The healthy relation between reputed companies in chess industry Jaques of London & The Chess Empire, is based on loyalty since decades and also our goal is to provide the world's finest & best quality chess products to chess lovers globally.

The Chess Empire presents you the unique reproduction of Jaques 1851 series 4.4” chess set. The creation of antique chess set reproduction is not easy to achieve the goal until you reach exact dimensions and structure of every single part with accuracy. The Chess Empire has always put all efforts to maintain the high standard of workmanship on antique chess set respectfully.

There have been many designs and pattern become popular in 1800 era like Pre Staunton , Calvert pattern , Soviet pattern and Staunton chess sets .These chess sets are still in high demand as antique reproduction worldwide and we are offering the same quality of design in Antiqued Boxwood or Natural Dark Boxwood /Ebony combination.

The Jaques 1851 series is one of the high demanded chess set by the chess collectors. The legacy of design, dimension and the workmanship is done perfectly and accurate by our experienced master craftsmen. These pieces are crafted to own the best workmanship and best replica of 1851 jaques chess set.

The 1851 era reproduction of antique chess sets comes with two extra queens in option of Antiqued Boxwood/ Ebony or Natural Boxwood/ Ebony with Red or Green billiard base pads choice.

The chess empire welcomes and adores the presence of all chess lovers, Chess collectors who now can have an opportunity to explore the exclusively.

Total 34 Chess Pieces.

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