Affiliate Programme

Affiliate Programme

We are the leading and finest manufacturing company from India dealing in chess equipments and educational games since 1962 . The Legacy of our reputation since 1962 and the quality of our products is the best and flawless where we guarantee for the good outcome.

Our team will help you to grow in the market and reach to a level of successful business person. Starting your own Chess business without experience requires various personal qualities inside individual that remarks for this business journey. Without quality, commitments and dedication you can never develop successful business.

Our Flexible Offers are genuinely friendly and unique for the investors or the interested companies or people who want to grow and start their business. We will guide you to start selling our chess equipments under our banner. If you do not have much knowledge about chess products, woods, sizes, combination and other details even then The Chess Empire team will provide you all chess knowledge, information and details to deal with any customer around the world.

Our Affiliate program allows you to place our product link to your website and earn good commission when a visitor on your website go through the link and purchase the chess set from us, The Chess Empire site will identify the visitor from your website link and his/her purchase will create a commission of 15% .

1. What I required to start my own business with The Chess Empire?

A. You only required a website, marketing skills as well the knowledge about details of chess designs, pattern, woods and sizes quality checking skills. The customers for us are very important and our motive is always to provide them the best service and Quality and Satisfaction.

2. What is the minimum investment to start my business?

A. The minimum investment to start your business with us is nothing as you can sign a contract with us and start selling our chess products online or physical anywhere on your website, amazon, ebay or other business hubs. We will provide you all information to upload and we will also guide where you can get the better sales and output. We will help you to grow more with the minimum profit of 15% .

3. What if I have No knowledge about chess?

A. If you have no knowledge about chess industry and want to start selling our chess products even then our team will provide you the complete information and all backup details for you to start and grow in the business of chess sets and equipments. AIW will provide you one by one detail to get more knowledge and to help you to establish in the market and growth.

4. What if I am selling already some other products on website and want to sell The Chess Empire products?

A. Of course you can sell chess products on your website and required information will be provided to you. We have no problem that what else you are selling on your website or anywhere else. Whatever is the best possible way we will make it smooth, easy and supportive for you to grow in Chess business as well.

5. What if I want to sell chess sets under my own company name or brand?

A. We are already making chess sets for all leading chess stores and we are flexible with this if anyone wants to sell under his or her company name but the reputation of our company name and brand will always help you to grow in sales and it will also generate the attraction from customers who only want the unique and the best chess sets of the world.

If any further questions you can directly write us or call us we will get back to you ASAP.